Introducing the Pot Watcher

Cray Pot tracking and monitoring devices!

No one will ever steal your crays again

We decided that enough is enough

Welcome to Pot Pirate. Every year, thousands of cray pots are stolen from the waters. People invested a lot of time and effort just to find out that their pots were moved or taken.

So, we decided that something needs to be done. We introduce the Pot Watcher - the device that will monitor, track your pots and provide you live update, directly to your mobile device.

No more stealing!


Crays Stolen in 2022


$ Lost in 2022


Thiefs Caught in 2022


Have Pots Stolen

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How it works

Step 1: Someone Pulls your Pot

When someone illegally pulls your craypot you will get a notification on your phone

Step 2: Smile at the camera!

Pot Watcher takes a variety of pictures of the offender, and their boat, all accessible on our phone app

Step 3: Live Tracking

Use our live tracking technology to follow your pot

Locate your Pot & Report!

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Pot Pirate

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