Innovative Sensoring Technology

Using our innovative sensoring technology we are able to determine when a craypot is being pulled

GPS Tracking

The device logs its GPS location while above the water, allowing you to track where it goes

Long Lasting Battery

The device can last up to 30 days underwater without needing a recharge

High Quality Images

The device captures high quality pictures, sent to your phone, which can be used to identify the boats rego number

Companion App

Our companion app seamlessly integrates with the Pot Watcher, allowing for you to setup, and configure the device as needed

Live Notifications

Get the latest updates about your pots positioning, and pictures of the offender

Small and Durable

The device is hidden from plain sight, and can handle up to 100m water depth

Easy Installation

Easily install the device to any kind of craypot, and remove when needed

Low Maintenance

The device handles itself, when it is low on charge you will receive a notification next time you open the app

How it works

Step 1: Someone Pulls your Pot

When someone illegally pulls your craypot you will get a notification on your phone

Step 2: Smile at the camera!

Pot Watcher takes a variety of pictures of the offender, and their boat, all accessible on our phone app

Step 3: Live Tracking

Use our live tracking technology to follow your pot

Locate your Pot & Report!

Steps image

Pot Pirate

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